Our Business

Our vision is to become a key player in the global marine and offshore industry. We strive to provide innovative and integrated solutions optimised for our customers' needs along the entire marine business value chain, including shipbuilding project management and consultancy ("M&C Services"), design and engineering, shipbuilding and ship-trading related businesses.

AVIC Maritime's track record in shipbuilding M&C Services dates back to 1994. Our ship design arm, Deltamarin Ltd - ("Deltamarin"), has been a forerunner in naval architecture and engineering. With a track record that dates back to 1984, Deltamarin is an experienced developer of profitable, sustainable and cost-efficient vessels. Our indirect major shareholder, AVIC International Holding Corporation, has extensive shipbuilding and ship-trading capabilities, given its decades of experience in the industry.

Our Business

Shipbuilding Project Management & Consultancy

Backed by a track record of more than 20 years, AVIC Maritime provides shipbuilding project M&C Services including ship design, construction (out-sourced), procurement, newbuilding management and marine finance arrangement for a variety of ships.

We work with established shipyards in delivering our M&C services. The shipyard constructs the vessels, while we undertake the non-construction aspects of the shipbuilding project. Over the years, we have built relationships with many well-known shipyards and shipowners around the world. With our extensive network, we are able to source for the top shipyards that best meet our customers' needs.

In addition to providing ship design services through our subsidiary, Deltamarin, we also work with leading ship design institutes in China such as Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute, Shanghai Odely Marine Engineering Co., Ltd and Marine Design & Research Institute of China.

Our comprehensive range of services comprises marketing, deals origination, client management, and project management, including arranging for marine financing, handling export procedural matters and overseeing the utilisation of the progress payments by the shipowner.

As part of the AVIC Group, we enjoy strong support from the PRC domestic financial institutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist the shipyards in obtaining loans and/or procuring the issuance of refund guarantees by banks, and the shipowners in obtaining financing, when required.

Beyond shipbuilding M&C Services, we also provide marketing and consultancy services to shipyards such as promoting their corporate profile in overseas markets, seeking out shipowners and securing shipbuilding contracts.

Design and Engineering

AVIC Maritime's ship design arm, Deltamarin, provides consulting, design and engineering services for marine and offshore oil and gas industries worldwide.

With a track record that dates back to 1984, Deltamarin is an experienced developer of profitable, sustainable and cost-efficient vessels. It provides one-stop expert services throughout the entire life cycle of a marine and offshore structure.

Deltamarin's concepts have been forerunners in the market for two decades, excelling both performance and design-wise. Combining cost efficiency with sustainability, Deltamarin has worked on eco-designs which have resulted in fuel efficient vessel types.

Over the years, Deltamarin has handled more than 5,000 complex marine and offshore projects, in all major vessel types ranging from passenger and cargo vessels to chemical carriers and floating production storage and offloading units.

Deltamarin's references include a revolutionary set of innovative designs such as standard bulk carrier designs which offer the lowest fuel consumption with the highest cargo deadweight and cubic capacity available in the market today. The world's highest capacity pure car truck carriers with low fuel consumption, largest semi-submersible heavy-lift vessels, harsher environment offshore vessels and most advanced cruise ships are also developed by Deltamarin.

As a one-stop partner in design and engineering, Deltamarin provides a wide range of services including:

  1. Concept development
    • Our 3D coordination model delivers innovative and tailor-made concepts for marine and offshore needs. We also offer contract and project management capabilities, shipyard evaluation, and project execution services.
  2. Offshore engineering - FEED and construction engineering
    • Our engineering services cover project management services, naval architectural, structural design and analysis, marine/utility systems, mechanical, piping, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation, controls, architectural, HSE, procurement and construction engineering.
  3. Construction engineering for shipbuilding
    • We offer basic design and engineering along with detail and production engineering. Our specialist services cover environmental, safety or training services. Other additional services include production planning, procurement and material management and supervision.
  4. Operational support
    • We aim to help our customers reduce operating costs and increase revenues.
    • We offer assistance in conversions, training, and technical information management. We also conduct tailored studies on optimising environmental and energy services, total safety assessments, FE, hydrodynamics and stability analyses etc.


AVIC Maritime's goal is to provide our customers with a full suite of marine related services, supporting them from financing arrangements and ship design right up to shipbuilding.

Our indirect major shareholder, AVIC International Holding Corporation, through its subsidiaries, owns substantial stakes in three shipyards in China: AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co., Ltd., Taizhou CATIC Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Ltd and AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. The three yards have a combined annual shipbuilding capacity in excess of 2 million deadweight tonnes ("DWT").

The Weihai shipyard is located in the Zaobei Bay in Shandong Province, boasting large land and sea areas of 1.4 million sqm and 1.65 million sqm respectively, with a shoreline of 1.8 km. Its ISO-certified integrated production facilities include a 50,000-DWT slipway and two 100,000-DWT dry docks with the size of 369m x 50m and 276m x 50m respectively. Over the past 60 years, the Weihai shipyard has not only built vessels for the domestic market, but has also exported more than 60 vessels to reputable international shipowners. (www.wh-shipyard.com)

The Taizhou shipyard is strategically situated along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province, and is spread across 580,000 sqm of land with a 950M deepwater shoreline. Founded in 2007, its modern facilities comprise a 200,000-DWT dry dock equipped with mainly a 600-ton gantry crane and 60,000-sqm workshop.(www.tzcsh.com)

Established in 2006, the Dingheng shipyard is situated in the economic development zone of Jiangdu city in Jiangsu Province. With a 400,000 sqm yard and a coastline of 600 m, the Dingheng shipyard has two modernised dry docks capable of building four ships concurrently. Focused on special vessels, the yard has the technical expertise to develop high-end and high-quality stainless steel chemical tankers and gas carriers below 30,000 tonnes. It has also formed a strategic partnership with the local government to develop the yard into a highly specialised shipbuilding base.(www.avicdh.com)

Together, the three shipyards are capable of producing a wide variety of vessels and marine-related products including bulk carriers, multi-purpose cargo vessels, oil tankers, container vessels, liquefied carriers, chemical carriers, engineering vessels and offshore support vessels, to offshore engineering and equipment, and port machinery and equipment.

To further strengthen our shipbuilding capabilities, AVIC Maritime constantly works with established and reputable shipyards around the world.


Matching buyers and sellers in a highly specialised world of shipping requires in-depth industry knowledge, vast experience and an extensive network of business partners and associates - attributes and skills which we have built up over the years.

Leveraging on our strengths, AVIC Maritime is gearing up our ship-trading business as part of our comprehensive package of value-added services to clients. Our major shareholder, AVIC International Holding Corporation and its subsidiaries, has been in the business of ship-trading for more than two decades.

As part of our ship-trading related businesses, we provide the full range of procurement services such as purchasing, expediting, receiving and invoicing. We offer our clients the benefit of an integrated procurement service which extends from market analysis to acquisition of goods and delivery to the door.

Our procurement team has wide and in-depth product knowledge, and are able to provide specialist technical support quickly when required. From port machinery to engineering equipment, we have the network to source for competitively-priced quality products around the world.


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