Commitment to our People

People Development

While good products and services are vital to our Group's success, we recognise that people are our key asset. We believe in investing in recruiting, training and retaining good employees.

We make every effort to create a working culture and environment that inspires our people to stay with us.

Being part of the AVIC Group of companies, one of the largest industrial groups authorised and managed by the PRC Central Government, has allowed us to develop a distinctive corporate culture that unifies diverse individuals with a common goal to excel. We continually strive to inculcate a culture that fosters discipline and motivation, while encouraging continuous learning and the proactive exchange of ideas and knowledge.

We aim to become an employer of choice by adopting sound human resource policies and practices, providing safe working conditions, rewarding and recognising performance, encouraging team work and work-life balance, and offering career growth opportunities and a conductive workplace. The quality of our leaders and employees has enabled AVIC Maritime to be where it is today. Our experienced and passionate management team is backed by equally energetic employees who all have a common vision of building the Group to become a key player in the marine and offshore industry.

Health, Safety and Environment

Being in the marine industry, safety, environmental protection and health standards are of utmost importance to us. Integral to the Group is our commitment to ensure the safety and security of our operations, good health and well-being of our employees, as well as protection of the environment. We have in place a training programme for staff on safety standards and procedures, as well as on health and hygiene standards at the workplace. Moving forward, as the Group expands into shipbuilding, we will ensure our facilities adhere to and are compliant with local and international safety and environmental regulations. We will work towards strengthening our standards and procedures, and putting in place a robust system to achieve a zero-incident workplace with minimal harm to the environment.