Corporate Profile

AVIC International Maritime Holdings Limited (“AVIC Maritime”) (中航國際船舶控股有限公司), together with its subsidiaries, (the “Group”) , is a member of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (“AVIC”) (中國航空工業集團有限公司) of companies (the “AVIC Group”).

As an active player in the marine and offshore industry, AVIC International Maritime Holdings Limited (“AVIC Maritime”) strives to provide innovative and integrated solutions optimized to meet customers’ needs along the entire marine business value chain. Our extensive range of services includes shipbuilding project management and consultancy (“M&C Services”), design and engineering, shipbuilding (outsourced), ship trading related businesses, as well as engineering, procurement and construction services.

AVIC Maritime’s track record in shipbuilding M&C Services dates back to 1994 and has over the years, established strong relationships with many reputable ship-owners worldwide. Forging ahead with our strategy to expand along the ship design, shipbuilding and ship trading related businesses value chain, the Group acquired a Finnish design and engineering firm, Deltamarin Ltd (“Deltamarin”), in January 2013, to enhance our ship design capability. Established since 1990, Deltamarin is a forerunner in naval architecture and engineering, and an experienced developer of profitable, sustainable and cost-efficient vessels.

Ranked 161nd among Fortune Global Top 500 corporations in 2018*, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China Group (“AVIC Group”) is one of the largest industrial groups authorized and managed by the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) Central Government, with key business units such as defense, transport aircraft, aviation engine, helicopters, avionics, general aviation aircraft, aviation research and development, flight test, trade and logistics, and asset management. AVIC Maritime’s association with the AVIC Group gives us the competitive edge of getting strong support from major financial institutions in the PRC.

Led by an experienced and driven management team with in-depth industry knowledge, coupled with our ability to leverage on AVIC Group’s excellent business relationships, strong fundamentals and global business network, AVIC Maritime is well-positioned to be a leading provider of integrated maritime services.


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