At AVIC Maritime, we do not only focus on profitability, but also on doing our business in a socially responsible manner, which we believe is paramount to the sustainability of a business.

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to our people, our environment, our society and last but not least, our shareholders.

Our expertise in developing eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vessels allows us to grow our business whilst we play our part in protecting the environment.

The Group also strives to be a responsible corporate neighbour and active contributor in our community. We believe in giving back to the society by sharing our prosperity with the community and serving the less privileged. Besides monetary donations to needy causes, our corporate social responsibility efforts also include encouraging our staff to volunteer and take part in charitable initiatives.

Our philosophy on sustainability is also shared by our subsidiary, Deltamarin, who believes the best marine and engineering designs honour both people and the planet. Its designs aim to combine cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability in the best possible ways. In addition, Deltamarin is strongly committed to providing its employees with a safe, healthy, balanced and rewarding working environment that not only focuses on self-development but also social responsibility.